Featured: Video Demo Of Ubuntu For Android, Brings Desktop Functionality

August 3, 2012 - Written By Mike Stenger

For a long time, we’ve only had the choice of a select few mobile operating systems when it comes to smartphones and tablets. You can likely think of a few of them and to mix things up a bit, Ubuntu is working on making its way to Android phones. In case you’re not familiar, Ubuntu is one of the most popular builds of Linux and in February they announced that they would be making their way to Android.

The OS on the phone itself looks good, however, it’s when you hook up the phone via HDMI that everything changes into a desktop environment, just like what you’d see on Ubuntu on a desktop, except for a few differences. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, is playing off the idea that our phones, especially with what we’ve seen evolve over the last few years from say single-core to quad-core, are very powerful computing machines.

Use your phone when you’re out and about, but also use it as you would a desktop when you need it. It’s a great idea and something we’ve seen with the likes of devices such as the Motorola Atrix (the one used in the video demo below) with Motorola’s Webtop. The video is in Portuguese so don’t plan on being able to pick up on what they’re saying, unless of course you speak Portuguese 🙂