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With phones coming with larger and larger displays, as well as tablets becoming more affordable, we've got a pretty decent pocketable cinema on our hands. Even if your phone or tablet didn't come with expandable storage the chances are you've got at least 8GB of storage which is enough for a film or a couple episodes of your favourite sitcom. I've only just started to watch video on my phone, thanks to my One X's super crisp display but, for a long time I've found a good tablet a great screen to watch on. However, not all apps are built the same when it comes to video playback and there are a number of them out there. Let Android Headlines show you which are your best bets when it comes to Video Playing apps with another Top 10.

10. Video Player

Android Code Monkey's Video Player is one of the simplest players out there. If you're not happy with having photos and videos together in the default galley then this is a simple choice. With the added bonus of remembering your exit points this is a good app. However, it'll only play files that your device supports. There are no added codecs here.

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9. Wondershare Player

Whilst this isn't going to blow you off your feet with polish and stbility there's a lot on offer from this little app. It'll play a silly amount of formats and has support for the Nexus 7 making this a quick and easy solution for watching videos on your beloved tablet. The app used to be called "Daroon Player" so if you've used that then consider getting this instead.

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8. Easy Video Player

As the title suggests this is extremely easy to use. With a UI reminiscent of Google's own Play Movies app you'll certainly feel at home. With support for a number of popular codecs as well as support for old chips this is a safe bet, indeed. An added bonus here will let you hide certain videos - I'll let you decide why that might be useful!

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7. BSPlayer

This gem is more aimed at smartphones than it is any Android device but, that doesn't mean that it won't work with tablets. With a UI that complements the Holo theme in ICS and above it'll fit right in on your Galaxy Nexus. Notable features include hardware decoding for older ARM chips based on the v6 platform as well as this being one of the better apps to play content across a network.

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6. QQPlayer

With some interesting controls to take care of playback this makes for an interesting choice. Codec support is pretty solid however, there can sometimes be audio issues. The UI is easy to navigate and quickly gets you to your media files. A solid offering.

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5. DoubleTwist Player

I'm sure there are a great many of you out there are already enjoying DoubleTwist for your Music needs for some time. However, the app also plays videos, making this not only a great music player but also a good video player. It'll play all the video files you want and all in the same app as music and podcasts. Did I also mention that you can stream video to your 360 or PS3? Nifty.

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4. MoboPlayer

Another good offering comes from Mobo Player which comes with a unique UI and the ability to yet again play any media file you throw it. There's support for, not only subtitles but multiple audio streams as well as subtitles embedded within a file. You can also stream video across HTTP, making this not only a popular but capable app.

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3. VPlayer

Another solid offering, VPlayer offers a little extra. With a massive codec support list I think you'd be hard pushed to find a format this app doesn't want to play. As well as this there's a nice, if simple, UI that's easy to navigate. The killer feature here though, is the app's ability to play video from pretty much anywhere on the web - from your Facebook, GMail, Dropbox, NAS, FTPs the list goes on and on.

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2. VLC for Android

There's a great many things that make VLC great and I'm sure many of you have been waiting for a release of the app for Android. Here you go folks! It's still in Beta but it's a solid app that cuts through a lot of video extremely easily. The interface is just like you'd expect, clean and orange. There's a Tablet UI layout as well so you're covered on that front. Give the app a try, you'll not be disappointed!

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1. MX Video Player

I've been running this for years and I've tried all the others out there and I can't find another app out there that comes close. With hardware acceleration for a number of ARM revisions and codec support that just works on pretty much everything with support for subtitles, as well as innovative gesture controls. Software Decoding here is also the fastest I've experienced, making this my number one video app on Android.

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