Featured: Top 10 Best ICS Android 4.0 Holo Themed Apps

When Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich was shown off late last year, I'm sure a great many of you were pleased with the new direction Android was going in. The Holo theme that first started off in Honeycomb became both a triumph for good looking UI design and minimalism. Apple can talk all they want about how iOS is clean and minimal but, it's not, it's cluttered and dated. We have Holo and we love it. Here at Android Headlines we're going to go over some of the best Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 /Holo themed applications that are available. If you don't have stock Android on your device then don't worry, ICS/ Holo looking apps will still look great! This list is going to be a little different than others and hopefully there will be something for everybody!

10. Maildroid

As good as the Gmail application is for Android, the default e-mail client is pretty basic. Besides, sometimes it's good to try something different and if you have a second account then this might be the client for you. With a whole host of standard - and advanced - features for an e-mail client it'll certainly do the job. Oh, did I mention there's a tablet UI here as well?

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9.  Papermill

Whilst the popular reading app, Pocket has a good interface and good functionality on both phones and tablets, Instapaper is a little lacking when it comes to the app department. With Papermill however, you'll never notice because it's stronger than the official client and comes with a stellar Holo theme as well. Whilst it can be pricy, at $3 for 3 months due to Instapaper's pricing and a buck for the app, if you use Instapaper a lot and on an HD screen you should do, then this is well worth the money. Give it a try!

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8. Calculations

Calculators. Unless you work in the financial sector then you probably carry as much disdain for them as I do. Calculations though, is an app that you really do have to go and get. It does pretty much any calculation you could ever need, currency conversions, tip calculating, unit conversation and a mortgage calculator. This app has it all, does it all and it looks beautiful as well. Give your Android phone or tablet a treat with this great looking app and never pay too much for a tip ever again!

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7. Endomondo Sports Tracker

By now, you've probably heard quite a lot about Endomondo, it's a very popular app and for good reason. It tracks you as you go on throughout your exercises, gives you a map of your run. The list goes on and on, I think it'd be safer to say what this app doesn't do. Whilst Endomondo doesn't stick exactly to the Holo interface it's a faithful styling and blends in well with Android 4.0 and above, making the speed boost on Jelly Bean even sweeter.

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6. Reader HD

Google Reader is a great app, in fact it's a pretty great service overall but, sometimes the default app from Google just doesn't cut it, this is where Reader HD comes in. With full support for Google Accounts and a slick Holo interface that translates to both phones and tablets this is a great app for keeping up to date. An added night mode makes things a little easier on the eyes late at night as well. There's also a free version available as well. A great app for those hooked on RSS.

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5. Weather Eye

No list of apps would be complete without application and so, here we are, Weather Eye presents us with the weather, Holo style. For some reason, smartphones have made us obsessed with what the weather currently is - without using a window - and what it's going to be like in the near future. Considering we've all caught the bug, why don't we check the weather in style? With a clean Holo interface as well as whopping four widgets, for free you can't really complain can you?

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4. Boid for Twitter

We recently featured Boid in our round up of Top Ten Twitter apps (say that over and over) and whilst it didn't win out to Tweedle it certainly wins on keeping true to the Holo look. The app's still in beta but, there's a whole host of features that are more than enough to satisfy a heavy tweeter.

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3. Notes for ICS - With Google Tasks Sync

Note taking in this day in age is becoming more of an art form. Gone are the days of a pen and paper, oh no, nowadays you have to do it all digitally and this normally incurs a ToDo list as well. Notes for ICS lets you jot down notes within the beautiful surroundings of its Holo theme, on either phone or tablet. Not to mention the sync with Google Tasks making those pesky lists of things to do one bit easier, and better looking.

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2. Timer

Sometimes, an app comes along that looks so good, it might not matter what it does. Timer on the other hand, not only looks stunning but serves a purpose as well, it's a timer. That sounds incredibly boring but, with the app's brilliant notifications - that are expandable for Jelly Bean - you'll be able to manage your time more efficiently than ever. It's such a nice app that it helps me get things done, I put an hour of time and call it a "Power Hour" then when the timers up I see how much I've done. Normally, I'm disappointed with myself. This is a great app so go get it!

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1. Lemon Money Management

None of us like having to worry about our finances however, the economy these days isn't what it once was, as such, money management has become more and more necessary. With Lemon you can manage your money not only in style but with some really powerful features. This is a great app so get saving now!

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