Featured: Top 10 Best Battery Saving Apps for Android

You know the score, you've got an Android smartphone and thanks to the underlying flexibility of the platform you're using it for everything. This is always a whole lot of fun but, this results in your battery coming under constant attack. With Android devices coming with ever larger displays and faster and faster processors that old battery tech inside of it all isn't getting any better and so, if you're likely to spend a long time away from the charger then managing your battery is going to be something of a chore. Let Android Headlines help you out by collecting a whole list of battery apps for you!

10.  Battery Defender

This app is going to help you keep on top of your battery better than you could out of the box and it's going to help you do this in style. With a number of great features such as automatically monitoring your WiFi and data to keeping on top of your brightness this is one of those apps that you'd be foolish to not have installed

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9. Dolphin Battery Saver

Whilst not strictly an app in its own rite, this deserves a place here because it serves the same purpose and then some. If you're somebody that spends a serious amount of time in a web browser, for instance on a corporate website on that tablet, the most important stat is how long it'll carry on doing this for. With Dolphin Battery Saver you can control and optimise how long your phone or tab will last thanks to this nifty little add-on.

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8. One Touch Battery Saver

Simplicity is something that we're forever wanting on our mobile devices, having enough tick boxes to make you dizzy is all fine and well but, it's not for everyone. Tacoty CN, the devs behind this app understand this and have packed a whole lot into this battery saving app. There's options for customisation here and the app easily breaks down what's taking that precious juice of yours but, when it comes down to it you just hit the button when you need some juice put on hold. There's also widgets included here which is another nice touch.

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7. 2x Battery - Battery Saver

This app is brought to by an independent dev by the name of Sam Lu and whilst it looks like a lot of other battery saving apps, of which there are thousands, 2x Battery aims to be different and it does so with a few extras. The main seller here is that 2x Battery will also intelligently monitor your data usage in the background which, not only drains power but also, takes from that hallowed Data Allowance that the carriers are all too keen to see disappear.

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6. Battery Dr. Saver + Task Killer

Task killers have gotten a bad name since the launch of Gingerbread but rogue processes still remain and that's a fact, no matter what Google will tell you. I for one, have a number of widgets that refuse to go light on my memory usage and as such I find myself either not having those widgets or killing the apps every now and then. This little app is a double whammy in that it will help you tame your battery as well as go light on your memory usage. Which is nice if you're still rocking a phone with 512MB or a phone with a memory heavy skin like Sense.

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5. Gauge Battery Widget

Some of us don't want to be bothered all of this technical stuff surrounding memory usage and whatever else and just want to be kept informed. This widget will do that for you and then some, without any hassle or fuss this app will keep you informed of everything your battery is doing and it'll do so in style. Gauge Battery Widget is not just another widget, it's a better widget and something you'll be thankful for if you're not on a custom ROM.

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4. BatteryTime Lite

Sticking with the simple theme of being able to find out how much longer you have to do stuff and how much time something has cost you is a quick and easy way to keep an eye on the meter. BatteryTime does that with gusto and lets you get quick, simple and effective information surrounding your battery so that you can get the most of your phone.

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3. Battery Booster

This is a unique addition to the pack in that it features a tablet interface as well as for phones. With a clean and clear interface that gets stats across to you efficiently this a nice app to look at, indeed. There's a lot on offer here as well, with real-time monitoring including graphs as well a whole host of quick toggles for you to turn functions on and off this is a real winner for those of you who are still stuck on Honeycomb, which had terrible battery life. To those of you out there, I'm sorry but, Battery Booster might help you limp along until you get Ice Cream Sandwich at last.

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2. Easy Battery Saver

With a gorgeous and professional UI that's bound to make you feel all kinds of Businessman this is a fantastic app. Delivering such power alongside simplicity is no mean feat but, somehow, the devs here have managed to pull it off swimmingly. With the ability to make your battery last up to 50% longer this app really is a no-brainer when you think about it, give it a try and thank me later!

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1. Juice Defender

Does this app really need any introductions? It's been the king of battery apps for a long time and it still continues to deliver. Until the days of magical batteries that last forever and a day this app is going to be installed on every device you spend days with. Why days? Because this app will help you get days out of your phone! With over 7 Million downloads and a rating of 4 and a half stars, how can so many people be wrong? Powerful presets - of which there are five of - will help you stop cursing your phone's meagre battery life!

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