Featured: The Verdict Is In, Samsung Must Pay Apple $1.05 Billion


The Apple vs Samsung trial started just several weeks ago and today, came to an end. Apple claimed that Samsung infringed upon their patents, both technical and design, and because of that, damaged their company in terms of sales and people confusing some of Samsung's devices for theirs. Samsung fought to prove that they were innocent, as well as prove that Apple's patents were invalid.

Unfortunately, Apple seemed to get the upper hand this time around. Samsung is ordered to pay $1.05 Billion for patent infringement which is much less than the $2.52 Billion that Apple was originally gunning for. The exact amount is $1,051,855,000.


Here's the details:

  • The jury found no infringement on Samsung's utility patents by Apple.
  • Apple's patents were not invalidated.
  • The jury found Samsung specifically infringed three patents, one having to do with "bounce back" scrolling functionality, one involving one finger to scroll and pinch to zoom navigation, and one involving tap to zoom.
  • All of Samsung's phones infringed the "bounce back" scrolling patent, only three devices were exempt from the second patent, and all but eight devices infringed the third patent. They were also found to have diluted Apple's trademark dress on some products.
  • Samsung found to have violated antitrust law by monopolizing markets to do with the UMTS standard.
  • Largest amount of damages came from the Galaxy Prevail which was over $57 Million.

Damages were spread across all of the infringing devices and there's a chance that they could increase due to willfulness in the court. The jury's decision was reached rather fast despite having over 700 decisions to be made. Judge Lucy Koh did have some concerns with the verdict however.

One patent was not found to be diluted, induced or infringed by the Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G LTE, but over $200,000 in damages were awarded. Also, the Samsung Intercept was accused of infringing a patent and the jury found that it didn't. That didn't seem to matter though as $2.2 Million in damages were awarded.


Appeals are expected in the meantime and this battle is truly just beginning.