Featured: The Humblest Bundle you ever did see: Part 3

Do you like indie developers? Do you like to support their cause? Have you ever found yourself stirring about, up at nights just wishing you could play uniquely designed yet aesthetically pleasing and addicting games? If you answered yes to one or all of these questions than you need the Humble Bundle for android 3. The humble Bundle, for those who don't know, is a nifty little game pack put together by some of the best and most talented indie developers. The idea behind the Humble Bundle, is that these great little indie developers get together and put forth their best games into one little pack, and allow users to pay whatever they wish for the set, with some of the proceeds going to charity and some to the developers. Whatever amount you pony up will get you four of the five games in the group, and paying the minimum average amount will get you the locked game. Which is usually one of the best ones. The coolest thing about how they have set up the monetary payment system is that you can also choose how to divide up your payment, or just let the default division of your hard earned cash take place.

This newest Humble Bundle is the third installment in the series of Humble Bundle game packs, which originally gained its popularity with the PC gaming crowd. Gamers on the Android platform loved the Humble Bundle so much, that they decided to keep bringing it back. I have already picked up my pack as of the first day of its release and am well under way into playing two of the 5 games included. You get some pretty interesting games and some really cool ones. In this pack you will get a very esteemed favorite which has actually been on the Play Store for a while, Field Runners HD,( a lovely little take on the popular Tower Defense genre) , Spirits, bit.trip beat, Uplink, and Spacechem. My favorite so far is SPIRITS as I love puzzle platformers, but I just went knee-deep into BIT.TRIP BEAT earlier today and it may well take over Spirits undisputed championship as the popular game on my device.

I have only played three of the games in the pack, but the other two definitely seem interesting and I will surely give them a go. In uplink, you play the part of a hacker and you must use your skills to hack into government computer systems to commit various cyber crimes, steal money and upload viruses. Space chem will take on the role of an reactor engineer, and must create complex chemicals from raw atoms and elements that will you help you on the frontier of space. This is surely the game for you if you love the mind boggling puzzles. Field Runners HD is a tower Defense style of play. You will set up turrets, greande launchers, rocket launchers, and all kinds of other various weaponry to stop the massive waves of resistance that wants to infiltrate your base. Tower Defense games like Field Runners will have you thinking on your feet to come up with the most strategically placed defenses to stop your enemies wave after wave. There are multiple levels and 1000+ waves to go through. Quite enough to keep you entertained for a while. Bit.trip beat is a rhythm based game in which you control a pong paddle, and must ricochet what look like little pong balls in various colors and combinations. Each little ball represents a note in the obviously complex and badass soundtrack to the game and will further plunge you into play. Seriously got addicted to this immediately. Lastly, Spirits is a puzzle platformer in which you must assist the little spirits on a journey to reach home during the autumn season. You will have various tools at your disposal to help you do so. I highly recommend that every single one of you readers goes to pick up this humble bundle for android 3 game pack. You will not be disappointed. And it's totally for a good cause. You might just find yourself pleasantly surprised at how much fun you will have. Remember you can pay whatever you wish to contribute and donate to the cause and you will pick up, Filed Runners HD, uplink, SpaceChem, and bit.trip beat. However if you pay more than the average you will snag Spirits as well. As of right now the average price is set at $6.06 and will continue to be available for two weeks. Go now! Set forth and find out the joys that this humble bundle of diamonds in the rough has to offer. You can reach the site for donation and download below.

Humble Bundle for android: 3


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