Featured: Square Enix Says OOOO YEAH to OUYA

The kickstarter campaign for the famed and much acclaimed to come OUYA home gaming console that runs android is over in just a week. With all the proceeds and funds they have received we can hopefully expect this to hit market by Christmas time. What a perfect XMAS gift for the gamer in your home. As you may have heard, the OUYA will be an Android based gaming console complete with controller so you can play games in true console fashion. That was enough to sway me into making the decision to set aside the funds to buy one. If that didn't grab some of you, maybe the fact that OUYA is now supported by Major gaming studio Square Enix will change your minds. Earlier this month Square Enix released Final Fantasy III onto the Play Store as a full 3-D remake of the game. The OUYA has gained so much ground that it seems Square Enix was hard pressed not to notice and has decided to back the company, and has announced that they will be releasing the android version of Final Fantasy III onto the OUYA with controls redone for use with the game pad. This is truly awesome as anyone who is a fan of the original series can tell you. I have spent roughly around 12 hours so far give or take on my nexus 7 playing through the fantastic storyline that this game has to offer.

The release of this title onto the Android game console is going be just the first from major studio Square Enix, which means that we can expect even more great games to hit the console after launch. Perhaps some Demon's Score? I know, it hasn't even hit the play store for android devices yet and already I'm hoping it will be on the OUYA in the future. I'm sure we will see many great titles come out of the Square Enix machine optimized for the OUYA and I can hardly wait to see what else they announce. As for the already announced FF3, if the already redone 3-D visuals weren't enough, Square Enix is promising that this special OUYA optimized version is going to have a complete reconstruction with HD graphics so it can really take advantage of the power behind the OUYA console, and really utilizing the tegra 3 chip that will be inside. For those that have been following the OUYA since its announcement, you may also know that the console will have 1GB of RAM inside as well. This is big news for developers because normally android games are limited to using no more than 50mb of RAM at any given time. This implementation helps to avoid killing off too many background apps, and make sure that the game isn't eating away your battery like a termite farm inside your walls. With OUYA being powered by an actual power source this will allow the game studios to really go all out on how the games look and perform with a whole 1GB of RAM at their disposal.

I was very excited and on board with this console idea right from the get go. And of course I was talking about it to everyone I know. So naturally I was pleased to see some of the stuff that the OUYA would be capable of over the last few weeks. This really pushes the excitement over the top and should be setting a fire ablaze under the major gaming console competitors. Android gaming has come a long way and this just goes to show what it's capable of. Maybe this will push Microsoft and Sony to really come up with some innovative stuff. If you're all jazzed up and ready to buy, head on over to the kickstarter page via the link below and place down any support amount you wish, although starting with $10 or more will get you some sweet OUYA lewts. If you want to take things to the net level and be Big Pimpin', spend $140 and you will get a special limited edition rich brown brushed metal console with matching controller. $30 more dollars on top of that gets you a second controller! OOOO YHEAH OUYA!!!!!!


Limited edition OUYA kickstarter

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