Featured: Samsung's Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note Treated to Jelly Bean this fall?


When a new version of Android hits, it's a given that the Nexus devices are going to get the update and that they do but, what's really on people's mind is if their own phone gets updated. This is especially the case if you received an update to the previous version, Ice Cream Sandwich in this case. We covered the news that there's already a leaked ROM of the Jelly Bean update coming to Sammy's SIII but, what of the Note and the SII? Sammobile has reason to believe that not only will these phones be updated – bravo, Samsung – but, they could see the update as early as October.

Make no mistake that the gap between Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich may well be a tasty gap but, it's certainly nowhere near Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread. Which was what caused a number of OEMs take a long time updating their devices to Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung received some serious bad press when they refused to update the original Galaxy S to Ice Cream Sandwich, especially considering that the Nexus S – basically the same phone – received an update promptly and with little trouble. So, it's nice to see Samsung take care of all of those that bought the Galaxy S2 some time ago now as well as the Galaxy Note that some on T-Mobile are only now just getting. Sammobile have heard that Samsung have only been testing the update for the S2 for a couple of weeks and that it's been going pretty well, well enough for the update to be rolled out via KIES as early as September.

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