Featured: Samsung's Galaxy Note II Teased in Online Video


I'd say by now that we're all pretty familiar with the way that Samsung operates when it comes to device launches. Way back when the Galaxy Tab was on its way to being announced Samsung hit us with a teaser video and now they're back with a teaser video for the upcoming Galaxy Note II. It's safe to say that if you liked the first Note then you're probably pretty excited for the upcoming sequel. Smartphones are getting bigger and the case for the Galaxy Note, they seem to be getting smarter along with it. Samsung is surely going to be bringing us something truly special come August 29th when yet another Mobile Unpacked event is to kick off in Berlin. From the company that bought us just about every screen size imaginable in tablet form, the Note line of phones is something that truly stands out and something that a lot of people out there are really looking forward to. You can take a look at the short video below, featuring Wim Wenders, a German film director. In true teaser fashion, we don't get a look at the phone but the prominent S Pen is touted a number of times.


When it comes down to what's going to be in the phone there's been a lot of rumors but, the general consensus is a 5.5" screen and the Exynos 4 quad-core chip found in the Galaxy SIII. Some are saying that Samsung's powerhouse Exynos 5 might well make an appearance but, I'd say Samsung didn't want to take too much away from their flagship Galaxy S phone. What is certain though, is that this phone is going to be powerful and it's going to big. We'll have all the details when the 29th rolls around.

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