Featured: Samsung's Alleged iPhone Clones Only Made About One Fifth Of What Apple Claims

As we've known for the last several weeks now, Apple is going after Samsung to the tune of $2.52 Billion for infringing their patents which include the design of the iPhone and iPad, and damages that have been caused to their brand because of it. Of course, that is all a bit laughable considering how well Apple is doing and how well they'll be doing once the iPhone 5 launches next month which analysts are claiming will be the biggest handset launch in history.

But, I digress. Apple claims that because of Samsung's iPhone clones which is still alleged at this point and hasn't been determined as such by a court of law, they deserve the tune of $2.4 Billion. Samsung retorts that this number is way off and, in fact, the devices that Apple says to supposedly be clones, actually only generated around $519 Million.

$2.4 Billion, $519 Million...that's a big difference of almost $1.9 Billion. Clearly the numbers don't seem to add up. Michael Wagner who has 36 years of experience in calculating corporate damages, says that Apple didn't factor in the total cost to figure out the profits. And with a bit of common sense, Wagner also states that Apple didn't lose around 2 Million sales of the iPhone and iPad because of Samsung, but because they simply couldn't keep up with the demand.

I'm already starting to like the sound of this Wagner guy. Maybe the Judge and jury can develop an agreement to his findings.

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