Featured: Samsung Wants $421.8 Million In Damages From Apple

August 17, 2012 - Written By Mike Stenger

This week, Samsung finally got their turn to go on the offense after Apple made their case to the jury and District Court Judge Lucy Koh. They’ve made various arguments on the validity of Apple’s patents with some prior art. Because of all the damage that Samsung has supposedly caused Apple and loss of sales, the tech giant want’s $2.52 Billion.

It seems though that Apple isn’t the only one wanting money. Samsung is counter-suing for $421.8 Million in damages which stem from a few patents of their own that Apple allegedly infringed upon. Probably doesn’t taste too good getting a taste of their own medicine.

Three of the patents that Samsung claims Apple infringed upon have to do with things such as music playback, email, and photo browsing. Now, Apple using these patents without permission didn’t cause a loss in sales, but Samsung simply wants want they would have charged in licensing fees. With those three, the total comes out to $22.8 Million.

Where the numbers really start to add up are two standards-essential patents. Apple believes they should be offered under fair use which was their argument in court. Either way, Samsung is wanting a lot less than Apple. However, if Apple wins in the case, Samsung might not only have to pay up, but have many of their devices banned for sale.