Featured: Samsung to Launch 5.8" Media Player?


When it comes to the humble media player and the MP3 player before it, thoughts of obsolescence sink in thanks to today's smartphones. With the advent of larger and larger sized phones, with massive and high-quality screens, you'd almost be right in thinking that nobody needs a media player any more but, there's a problem with that theory and unfortunately it comes from Cupertino. Apple's iPod Touch is still very popular for the same reason that smartphones are. There are so many things that you can do with a smartphone that in some cases you could get rid of your laptop. I, myself, don't own a laptop and have my tablet fill in the things I used a laptop for, call me crazy if you will but, it works.

For those out there that don't want a 2 year long contract to get their hands on the latest iPhone or Android smartphone are going to be happy with an iPod Touch like player. With all the bells and whistles of a smartphone minus wireless data connectivity is a lot of tech for a good amount of people, especially children and those that only want music and the odd video. Samsung have been filling this gap little by little with their Galaxy S Player line and whilst they're not the best looking devices and pretty chunky, they come with bigger batteries and a heavier focus on music. With WiFi becoming far more common throughout coffee shops across the world, a 5" player that you can check e-mail on thrown in your bag makes a lot of sense. With the added power of Android you can get your hands on some advanced apps and fun games.

The Korean outfit is, according to Sammobile, looking to release a WiFi media player based on the design of their flagship Galaxy SIII phone. They've managed to get hold of a picture of what the device should look like and contain which you can see below. The question here is how much Samsung are going to be charging for it and whether or not people will buy it. I can think of a handful of people that would like one of these. When you think about it, these WiFi players are the perfect compromise for both those on a budget and those who don't want or need a 7" tablet.


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