Featured: Samsung Sells Over 10 Million Galaxy Notes Ahead Of Next Gen Launch

August 16, 2012 - Written By Mike Stenger

Samsung has been on a roll these last few years with their line of Android smartphones and tablets. The Galaxy series have been the top selling Android phones and with the buzz surrounding the Galaxy S III, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Samsung announce some record sales.

One phone that had some people scratching their heads was the Galaxy Note, a mix between a smartphone and a tablet with the 5.3 inch screen. The fact it had a stylus was the butt of many jokes and quite a few people, not just iPhone fans, claimed it would be a flop and nobody would want to buy it. Well, that sure wasn’t the case. Back in June, Samsung announced that 7 Million had been sold since October of last year and now, they’ve sold over 10 Million, well ahead of their goal of 10 Million by the end of the year.

Not bad for a single phone and this is definitely promising news in anticipation of the Galaxy Note II which appears to be slightly bigger with even better specs. There’s clearly a market for “Phablets’ as they’re called as evidenced by the success of the Note. Heck, even LG is getting involved with their Optimus Vu which instead of a 16:9 display, features a 4:3 form factor.

If the Galaxy Note is any indication of the success of the next generation, it should be sitting very well come the end of the year.