Featured: Samsung Pulls Out a Punch! Gives Evidence that Apple Copied the iPad


That is right lady and gents! More Samsung versus Apple blows and punches.  We know we are getting tired of hearing about it, and reading about it, but you know as well I as do, no matter how tired you are of hearing about it if you've chosen a side to support you're on the end of the chair reading just damn near everything that comes out regarding the case.  So what do we have this time?

Samsung is claiming that Apple has copied the design of the iPad, and they have the evidence to prove it! What does Samsung have? They have Roger Fidler! Roger Fidler claims to have been working on a device, a tablet to be exact in 1981. In the mid-1900's Apple had 'exposure' to his ideas along with his prototypes. This 'tablet' he had been working on had a touchscreen that would require no stylus. Fidler also had a working model in 1994.

So what does this have to do with case? One of Apple's claims against Samsung is that they copied the iPad's design. If it is proven that indeed Apple did "copy" this design from Fidler for their iPad, it would immediately invalidate at least that one specific claim Apple has against Samsung. It's still early to tell who will come out on top in this case, as it seems one day Apple is up, and then the next Samsung is up.

Many Android lovers find this 'war' to be very amusing, as accusations from years ago are now coming out. I am agreement that since some of these things are from so long, and the 'said' devices are no longer really in existence, why should they hold up in court? I for one am with Samsung, and think this whole ordeal is Apple's attempt to be the top contender, and I pray greatly that they do not win this case. However, I am just one person with opinions and ideas. All we can do, is continue to deal with this pesky trial, and hope with anticipation that someone comes out on top, and lessons are learned and these patent litigations stop.


Sources: Android Authority

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