Featured: Samsung Galaxy S III Gets all dolled up in earth tones

Good news for all you Galaxy fans out there. You know who you are. I'm talking about the people who either are looking to buy a galaxy s III, already own one and just feel slighted that they didn't wait for the right color to show up, or just generally the tech freaks that enjoy the "new" about the hottest devices. Ok, mostly great news for the people who haven't purchased one yet. Because now they can decide on what color fits them best. Don't get me wrong, The pebble blue and marble white are both great colors, but the black and silver colors are looking pretty damn sexy on this phone. I know what you're all thinking; You like the black and silver too and you just want to take off that battery cover, juice her up and turn her on, so you two can play. At least take her out for a few drinks first, or find a wall socket.

Now if you're thinking black and silver are great but you want something with a little more color in your life, maybe the garnet red or the dirt brown will tickle your fancy. Trust me, dirt brown is a lot better than what I was calling it before. I also just want to point out that the led flash on the back kinda reminds of a piece of corn. That's all I'm going to say. On a more serious level, I never understood Samsung's allure with brown colored phones. I get the whole earth tone idea, which naturally means that they'd have to add in an earthy brown color. It's murphy's law. Really it is. Ok maybe not but it makes sense. I'm just saying, why "brown"? On a phone it just seems a tad weird and ugly if you ask me. But hey, to each their own. The basic idea behind the entire color scheme of the galaxy s III follows the same path as their design idea for the phone, "designed by nature." The official color names for the phones are "Amber brown" (not dirt as I stated), "garnet red", "sapphire black", and "titanium gray". The inspiration for the names comes from the richest materials of the earth to help sell the idea of the phone that is made in nature. If only we could stumble upon one of these growing in nature. You could pick it like a flower. Or fruit if that's your thing.

If You like the idea of these new colors and are eager to find out when you can get your hands on one, take a couple steps back. Samsung makes it clear that the color variations will be availability dependent on your country, retailer and carrier. Which means that some of us here in the us may never see one or more of these. As we know more about when the colors will arrive stateside we'll keep you posted.

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