Featured: Samsung Files for a New Patent: A TV Recording Patent!

August 14, 2012 - Written By Christina Gardner




We have all heard news about the possible upcoming Samsung phones that will consist of a having a TV Turner. As far as we heard, they were just rumors, and provided no actual evidence of any certainty, except some screenshots of a Samsung device with an antenna.

However, after some digging and research some “snoopers” were able to uncover that indeed Samsung had filed for a patent application consisting of such natures. The patent application is said to consist of information “covering a touch control scheme for future Android devices fitted with TV tuners.”

So, that must mean that Samsung definitely has some solid designs in the works already, or at least that would be my assumption. The patent also goes on to talk about involving “the use of simple touch gestures to perform a series of actions, such as changing channels and recording a broadcast.” Well what does that mean? Users would be able to use the screen and their fingers to operate. All they need to do is “simply draw the desired channel number on the touchscreen,” or if they would like to record, just drawing the letter R. Seems pretty simple to me. What is not to like about such a capability on a phone minus the long, awkward antenna.


If Samsung has already thought this much up already, they must have chosen the type of TV tuner they plan on using, right? Correct. A DMB tuner will be equipped with these devices, and they are already being used in South Korea as we speak! However, the United States is using a mobile digital TV standard that is much different than what they are using in South Korea, so it’s very iffy on how they will get across that bridge.

One thing to caution to readers is that even though Samsung is filing for such a patent, this does not mean it will actually be implemented. As many of you know, it’s a war out there between the mobile industries and they are seeking whatever patents they can get their hands on. So it’s still very uncertain if there will be an actual release from Samsung to come soon, or just a desperate attempt on Samsung’s part to make sure they have that patent safe and secured. Time will only tell, so we continue to wait and look for what Samsung will give us next.


Sources: Android Community / Android Authority