Featured: Samsung Delivers the First Dyle Broadcast TV Phone: The Samsung Lightray 4G


A Broadcast TV Phone? A phone that you can watch TV and keep mobile? Why yes, and brought to us by yours truly, Samsung. It will be the first in the U.S. according to  company Dyle Mobile TV.

Dyle Mobile is actually behind the scenes on helping with the plan to help deliver this interesting and intriguing handset. Apparently, channels like Fox, NBC, Telemundo, and Icon are going to be delivering 2 free-to-air TV channels in 35 major cities for such a device. Wow, it's hard to imagine something free coming from Fox, and NBC. I can only begin to wonder what kind of quality these channels would provide users.


If you visit Dyle Mobile TV's website they give you all details regarding Dyle Mobile TV and its capabilities. Dyle makes sure to show that they support Android AND iOS. There have been a few devices with these capabilities via add ons, but the Lightray will be the first device to have it completely integrated into the device itself.

There is some speculations from other sites that the Lightray resembles the Samsung Droid Charge. Ugh, well that is sad to hear. The Droid Charge was not a pretty device in my eyes. It looked like something was made for my Dad with such big menu buttons. I will never understand the reasoning to that design.  The Charge consisted of a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED+ screen, 8MP camera, and LTE.

However, the Lightray will have a rather big antenna that will stick out from the phone. This will enable the phone to receive the signals for the TV broadcast.


Dyle is new, and definitely trying to be the one out there who's "different." I'm not sure how many users will go crazy over a phone that broadcasts TV, not to mention the awkward antenna. When I'm mobile I'm pretty busy at those times, and I usually don't have time to watch TV, just the occasional page through a social media timeline, grab the last hour or so worth of tweets, or respond to a text message. Now they want me to watch TV while being mobile? I would have to say I'm in the neutral zone on this one. I'm not against the idea, but I'm not with the idea either. The reasoning for such a device is of course, marketing. Just another way for companies to get people to watch their stuff. The only other mobile TV broadcast company out there  is Mobile500, and they have since been able to get their technology and product to the point of Dyle.

There is no 'solid' evidence on the Lightray as of yet besides the pictures that surfaced at the CES conference, but I'm sure if it's true, it will be leaked soon enough. I always enjoying learning about new ways of technology. Even though I may not use it, or agree with it, it's always great to learn about the technology and how it works. I look forward to more specifics on Samsung Lightray and what it could hold for our Android community.

Sources: PCMag / Dyle.tv

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