Featured: PS3 Games Could Make Their Way To Android On Sony's Smartphones And Tablets

Gaming gets better and better on Android thanks to chips such as the NVIDIA Tegra 3 and the Mali-400 which itself is set to get an upgrade that is better than the Tegra 3. Because of the increased performance on Android smartphones and tablets, this means that much higher quality games are set to make their way to the mobile platform. What kinds of games you ask? Well, there are always titles from independent developers in the Play Store, but it seems that PS3 games could eventually make their way to Android.

Recently, Sony acquired Gaikai, a cloud gaming company, for $380 Million. This hints at some big plans to get into the cloud gaming space and could be the proper delivery platform for games straight to their Android devices. Of course, cloud gaming and gaming in general on Android has some downsides. When it comes to buying a game off the Play Store, you have to factor in the file size.

Many games have it to where you can download the game/buy it, but in order to truly play the game, you then have to have a WiFi connection to download in its entirety which can take a while depending on the game. When it comes to gaming in the cloud, you also have to factor in your connection and speed, as well as how much bandwidth it is using. Having 4G LTE is great, but if you only have a couple gigs of mobile data, playing games all the time might not be good for your bill at the end of the month.

With that said though, Sony has the ability to optimize their PS3 titles for their Android devices and that will truly differentiate themselves from the market. Right now, they're not selling nearly as many phones and tablets that they'd like. They already have a large gaming audience and appealing to them is likely a smart move, long as they can deliver.

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