Featured: Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn to Become Google Crashers in "The Internship"


So, by this point in the Hollywood industry you'd have thought that they'd have made a film out of every possible idea but, you'd be wrong. That's because they haven't mined the Movie Gold that is Google. For years now we've heard of the sort of perks one gets for working at Google, including smartphone and tablet perks all the way up to dedicated napping pods dotted around campus. The idea of making a film surrounding that Google Gold is something that I'm sure many people have thought of before but, I doubt many of them gone done the route that this latest seems to be taking.

Vaughn and Wilson, whom I'm sure you all know from films such as The Wedding Crashers will be starring in an upcoming film titled "The Internship" that will see the pair pose as Interns that have managed to work their way through the system. In the upcoming film the two of them will pose as interns that are looking to gain a job at the company that is sure to result in some R-rated laughs all round and of course, some situations that you'd never see Google Interns in.


The Google Crashers as they're sure to be known as from now on will be posing as 40-somethings that have been laid off from their jobs and are looking for something new. Somehow, the two of them will succeed in breaking through the traditionally hyper-intelligence barrier surrounding Google to become interns at the company that will be hoping to secure a full-time position. It's an interesting concept that is sure to give us many laughs and propel the Google name to heights reserved for that of Microsoft and Apple. I'm sure all of us here are avidly looking forward to it, I know I am and I'm fairly certain that it'd be one hell of a film.

When asked about the film by the Huffington Post Vaughn had this to say "We get free food, we get to play ping-pong and take naps. We find a way to get into the intern program and try to get a job there. It's fun to go back and do some R-rated comedies again." How much fun is it going to be to see Vaughn and Wilson pose as interns at one of the most intriguing tech companies today?

The film isn't going to be filmed at the Mountain View campus or elsewhere from the Google Empire which, whilst hardly surprising is a little disappointing but, filming is going to take place a Georgia Tech University which is said to be an amazing campus for the film and I'm sure whichever studio is taking care of filming will take care of turning into a Googleplex wonderland.


Whether or not our friends Sergey or Larry will be making cameos is unclear but, knowing those pair I doubt that they'd turn it down by any means. I'm sure that they'd also be room for a cameo for Andy Android as well, making this a fantastic fun filled Google adventure that none of us will want to miss.

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