Featured: Nexus 7 Gets Overclocked, Destroys Everything Else Currently On The Market

The Nexus 7 tablet from Google is by far the most exciting Android tablet to come out this year. Packing a small factor but big power, the $199 price point just can't be beat and is definitely the catalyst that's going to make Android manufacturers step their game up.

While the quad-core Tegra 3 chip onboard was already performing well and pretty fast, it's now taken to the next level thanks to some geeks and developers who have managed to overclock the processor to 1.7GHZ. It's worth noting that overclocking can be potentially dangerous considering anytime you try and pull more power out of a piece of hardware, it has the potential to fry.

Thankfully though, the Tegra 3 is built for this kind of speed so the kernel builders and devs managed to not mess anything up.  In testing using Quadrant, the Nexus 7 significantly outperformed the competition and scored over 7,000 (7130 to be exact) which is at the very end of the scale. The next closest device, the HTC One X, scored a little over 4500, followed by the ASUS Transformer Prime TF201 which scored a little over 4000.

It would be safe to assume that overclocking the Nexus 7 would make a large impact in battery life, however, according to Cory Gunther over at Android Community, battery life is great and he managed to have the tablet awake for over 12 hours with still plenty of power left.

If you have the Nexus 7, you can overclock your device along these same parameters thanks to the Trinity Kernel Toolbox available for $3.69 in the Play Store, however, keep in mind that overclocking can be potentially dangerous and we're not responsible for any damage done.

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