Featured: New Android App Merges Your Calls With Social Networks

Wherever you look, it's pretty hard to get away from Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. Not only does a huge chunk of the population use them on a daily basis, but you've also got businesses pimping out their profiles and wanting you to connect with them. Chances are, all your friends use one social media platform or another and a new app by the name of Current Caller ID, hopes to make your experience more valuable.

Made by WhitePages which is very similar to Yellow Pages and their site allows you to search for people, businesses, even do a reverse phone search, Current Caller ID blends social networking data with your phone calls. It may sound confusing, but it's actually quite simple. After linking up Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, whenever someone calls you, the app will display their latest posts or updates.

The app also analyzes your calling and texting history, presenting statistics to you in a very visual fashion by showing a pie chart with incoming calls, outgoing calls, and text messages. Also, if someone calls you that is not in your contacts, Current Caller ID will automatically look up their number on the Internet and pull in any data if there is.

According to Nick Barber over on PCWorld, the app works pretty well, though does have some issues such as data not displaying while someone is calling (this will happen with CDMA networks that don't support voice and data simultaneously) or saying there were many missed calls when returning to the app which is from it looking at your entire missed call history. Anyways, Current Caller ID is free in the Play Store and you can check it out here.

Some of this information could be useful to users and would allow you to better stay updated with your friends and contacts, especially if you're receiving a lot of calls or sending a lot of texts.

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