Featured: Multiple Nexus Phones on Their Way for a Fall Launch; LG, Samsung and Sony Involved


The Nexus program is something that many of us stock Android lovers look forward to every year and I'm more than sure that a number of you have thought about what a Nexus from a manufacturer other than HTC or Samsung would be like. Earlier in the year we bought you news that this may well be Google's plan – to release multiple Nexus devices to show the platform's strengths. Rumor has it, Google are looking to release five Nexus devices, to celebrate Android's Fifth Birthday. Despite the fact that the G1 launched 2008, the project has been running since 2007. Here at Android Headlines, we were excited to hear of such news and we prepared a round up of the five that we'd like to see.

Now, there are fresh rumors – that come with some sort of evidence – that devices from LG, Samsung and Sony are coming, bearing the Nexus name. The rumor comes out of Japanese forums that have reason to believe DoCoMo – a major Japanese carrier – will be carrying in the Xperia Nexus from Sony, the Optimus Nexus from LG and the Galaxy Nexus II from Samsung. In the image below, you can see what looks to be part of an internal document detailing the devices heading to the network come Fall.


We heard rumors of the Galaxy Nexus II earlier today which we knew as the GT-i9260 from Samsung, what appeared to be a slightly improved version of the current Nexus flagship now looks to be another link in a growing chain of devices.

Samsung have had two tries at making a Nexus and both times have delivered amicably, with the Galaxy Nexus even making its way to Big Red Verizon. LG is no stranger to the Nexus rumor mill either, with their name being tied to the "next Nexus" for as long as I can remember, and it seems like LG may finally get their turn at this. The Xperia Nexus could, for some, become the odd ball here to dispel the rumor. However, Sony has apparently been very generous in supporting the AOSP, garnering praise from Jean Baptiste-Queru, the very man who heads up the AOSP. As well as this, Queru recently embarked on an experiment to support the Xperia S as a hardware target for the AOSP, essentially bringing a stock build of Android to the handset.


Rumors are rumors and will be until information is confirmed but, I'm going to go out on a whim and call this legit, the evidence from Samsung as well as Sony's slow entrance into the AOSP would certainly suggest groundwork for a Nexus device. LG as well, have had their name associated with the Nexus line for some time now and their 2012 lineup has certainly been an improvement. I'm sure a number of you out there would like to get your hands on a new type of Nexus and it looks like this year may well be your chance. Here at Android Headlines, we're excited alright! Let us know in the comments what manufacturer you'd like to see bring a Nexus to market.

[Source: TalkAndroid]

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