Featured: Motorola not planning to unlock bootloaders for older devices including the Droid 3, and Bionic

August 23, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

So the big feature of the new Motorola Photon Q which just launched on Sprint last weekend was that it would be the first device from Motorola that will be able to have the bootloader unlocked through their new bootloader unlock program. Many of us were hoping that Motorola would support unlocking the bootloaders on older devices like the Droid 4, Razr/Razr Maxx, Atrix HD, etc., but according to Motorola’s Twitter that is not currently in the plan. Currently the only devices on the list to be unlocked in Motorola’s new program is the Xoom, and the European Razr Developer Edition, in addition to the Photon Q of course.

This statement from Motorola Mobility came as a reply to a user asking if previous devices would get the unlocking treatment. He included models like the Droid 3, Droid Bionic and the Droid X2. So it looks like, as of now anyways, that Motorola will not be following HTC’s lead in providing an unlocking solution for their previously released devices. But let’s just hope that Motorola continues to allow their new devices to have their bootloader unlocked including the Droid Razr HD we’ve been seeing everywhere lately.

Who out there owns a Motorola device? Does this surprise you that they won’t be unlocking older phones? Let us know what you think in the comments, we love to hear your opinion.

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