Featured: Moleskine Notebooks Coming to the Galaxy Note Exclusively


Aside from the fact that the Note line from Samsung has pushed the barriers of what is deemed acceptable for phone size the whole idea of the devices is that you, take Notes. With the S Pen it actually makes sense to write notes on a digital display, years ago this would've been just stupid. The software wasn't there and you couldn't find a canvas big enough to write on. The Note and now the Note II as well as the Note 10.1 offer both the software and enough size to make digital note-taking digitally a very real prospect.

As an obsessive note-taker before smartphones entered my life I know how note-taking can be really beneficial to both your productivity and your sanity. However, I never found the same connection between making a note digitally versus a real life notebook. It just doesn't feel the same and I suppose that's in part down to the fact you're doing with a keyboard rather than a pen. Moleskine however, have now teamed up with Samsung to offer their app exclusively for Galaxy Note Devices. There's no digital substitute for a proper notebook if you were to ask me but, this might at least get you half way there.

With some of the charm that the real notebooks carry it might just encourage you to start taking notes everywhere. Add in the awesome power of the S Pen and you've got yourself a viable digital notebook alternative. There's no messing around with importing your analogue work into the app you create there and then on whichever Note you have. The app's functionality isn't perhaps the best part of a partnership here – we could see Moleskine bring branded covers to both the Galaxy Note II and the Note 10.1. It'd be a brilliant selling point for both parties involved, not to mention giving you the look of an arty type every time you bring the phone or tablet out in public.

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