Featured: Jelly Bean For Samsung Galaxy S3 Leaked – Google Now Is Here

Jelly Bean S3

The most anticipated update for the Samsung Galaxy S3, Jelly Bean, has been leaked on the Internet and is now available for the download. As you already guessed, the update brings all of those Jelly Bean goodies that you have been waiting eagerly for. With a revamped notification bar on your Galaxy S3, you will be able to get your normal Android notifications in a different way. Besides the notification bar, users will also see the Google Now app preinstalled which was announced at the Nexus 7 event held about a month ago.

With the Google Now app on your smartphone, your search results will provide more information along with the normal info you see. A new addition to the notification bar is the clock. A new clock has been added so you don’t need to close your notification bar when you want to see the time. You can also choose some of the new live wallpapers to be set up on your screen. The feature that the developers have found to be new in this ROM is Safe Mode. Similar to Windows Safe Mode, you can boot your phone into this mode to perform some system related tasks.

You can expect the Jelly Bean Update to hit your Galaxy S3 in the coming days. If you are just too eager and don’t have the patient, hit up the XDA Thread link and download and install the leaked ROM on your smartphone.

Via: Android Police

Source: XDA Developers