Featured: Jelly Bean Coming to Samsung Galaxy SIII, SII, Note, & Note 2

August 7, 2012 - Written By Matt Pedigo
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean updates are headed to some of our favorite Galaxy devices this year. For those who are packing the Samsung Galaxy SIII, SII, or Galaxy Note, you’ll be happy to hear that Android 4.1 is in various levels of development but all look to be happening by Q4 of this year. Seeing as that is beginning in less than a month away, there is a little to be excited about.

According to Sammobile, the SIII has passed through its test firmware and is waiting on a few things: a public version of the software and an agreement from Google (whatever that means). The SII and Note have been testing without issue. They do mention that if Samsung changes their mind on the update, they may offer a “value pack,” but so far there is no reason to expect they will especially considering how well the Note and SII are still selling. Of course the “value pack” equates to a pile of crap for those hoping to see a true update.

Probably the most interesting is that Sammobile gives us an update on the rumored, yet unofficial, new phablet, the Galaxy Note 2. According to their insider sources, the testing software on the Note’s sequel is Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung could potentially release the phone with the updated 4.1 but if not, they will likely upgrade in a few months.

Unfortunately, none of these dates are official but if their sources remain accurate (they reported the ICS updates earlier in the year), then we can expect to see these hold true.

I will say one thing for sure, if Samsung pulls this “value pack” shortcut on the owners of last year’s flagship device and the megalodon known as the Note, they will have a lot of unhappy customers. In fact, they just need to get rid of that phrase from their vernacular altogether.