Featured: iPhone Buyers Waiting for New Model whilst Android Reigns in the Meantime


There's a lot to be said about the rumor mill, I find that a good rumor from a trusted source will normally sway me to that device and then I'll wait forever for it to come out. Case in point being my new One X, it took a long time for my upgrade to come round but, as soon as I saw leaked videos etc of the device I knew that I wanted this phone and here I am. Things in "iPhoneland" where everything is so clean and fluffy inside its walled garden, on the other hand see sales of older models all the year round. However, this time things have been a little different. It's been said that the reason Apple missed their sales forecast for Q2 of this year due to rumors of the iPhone 5 causing potential buyers to hold out until Apple predictably release the phone in the Fall. Whilst Apple's sales fell 12.6 per cent for the quarter but rose 47 per cent year on year so, whilst people aren't buying the iPhone right now, they're certainly still buying the iPhone.

In the meantime though, Android has stepped in and filled the gap by grabbing 64.1 per cent of the smartphone market, according to Gartner. With Samsung, predictably becoming the undisputed champion of the Android smartphone world. iOS on the other hand, is said to hold 18.8 per cent and the aged RIM holds 5. It's interesting to see that iOS should fall behind as for a long time now they've been the king of smartphones but, it certainly looks like things are about to change in our favour.

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