iOS Voice Search

Featured: iOS Gets Google’s Updated Search Before Android

August 8, 2012 - Written By Matt Pedigo
iOS Voice Search

iOS is getting an updated version of Google’s standalone Voice Search App. Android 4.0 and below is not (not yet anyways). Does that p*** you off a little? It does me. iOS seems to get access to every app before Android. I nearly went on a homicidal rage after the 8 millionth instagram photo popped up on my Facebook timeline from some douchey hipster I knew in high school (unfriended, thanks). Now, they get OUR search? And before most of us do? Shame on you, Google.

Let’s be honest. Android users haven’t been getting a lot of firsts until lately. However, when Google debuted their Google Now App, we saw an application that put most of Siri’s functionality to shame. And with it came the much improved Voice Search. It sounded much more natural, responded to a lot more phrases, was fast as hell, and demonstrated what voice activated searching should do, not just the stupid and gimicky “where can I bury a dead body” answer.

Seeing that iPhone users get access to this on their phone before I do on my far superior HTC Ice Cream Sandwich phone just sucks. It makes me want to walk down the street, snatch up iPhones from unsuspecting victims, and smash them. And while there is still rage in my heart, I might head over to Mountain View and punch Andy in the face.

There is absolutely NO REASON that Google should ever prioritize iOS over any of its own, the Android user. Period. If Apple started pushing Safari updates to Android before iOS (and no, no remotely intelligent person would elect to use that terrible browser), all the fanboys would cut themselves or switch back to Blackberries. But Apple wouldn’t dare. Apparently, Google’s loyalties are a bit more questionable.