Featured: HTC's Rumored 5-inch Device gets a Name and Some Specs


So you remember that rumor that surfaced earlier this week that HTC is making a 5-inch device that is supposed to launch this fall. Well today we have some new information that reveals its name and some specs. Yesterday HTC released its July sales figures, and they weren't good at all. So as HTC is doing everything it can to not become another RIM or Nokia, they are looking to pull out all the stops for their next flagship device.

The HTC Endeavor C2 is what this 5" device is supposed to be called, but that sounds like a codename I'm sure we'll see a more official name pretty soon. Oh and it'll be powered by a 1.7GHz quad-core processor. Yes that's 1.7GHZ, imagine how high developers could overclock that processor, probably around 2.0GHz or even higher. And it's supposed to be NVIDIA's Tegra 3+ Processor, now that's a powerful processor right there. Only down side to a Tegra 3+ processor, is that it still doesn't support LTE. Which means HTC will have to make a dual-core version for AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. We're also expecting a larger battery, let's see if HTC can get it right this time and make it removable, or at least give us a Droid Razr Maxx sized battery or larger.


We haven't heard too much about the software, but if HTC really wants to make this phone a top seller it needs to launch with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. If it does, it could be the first phone to launch on Jelly Bean. As far as Sense goes, it'll probably be Sense 4.1 which just hit the HTC One X last week. Not sure it'll get bumped up to Sense 4.2 as of yet.

According to Stuff.TV, the guys that leaked this, HTC is supposed to a new Clear Voice Technology which will improve call quality on the device. Also HTC Watch is supposedly greatly enhanced for the HTC Endeavor C2.

It also looks like this device is expected to launch October 1st, so it's expected we'll see it before then at an official announcement. As far as the price, it shouldn't cost too much more than the HTC One X at least with a new contract for the US carriers. Internationally it might be a bit more than the One X. We're hoping that this phone will hit the US in a big way, and be available on more carriers than just AT&T. I'd really like to see this follow in the Samsung Galaxy S3's footsteps by hitting all of the carriers at about the same time.


So a 5-inch, Tegra 3+ processor mixed with Sense and either Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean. I could get behind that. Let's hope that HTC allows us to unlock the bootloader, so those that don't like Sense can get a stock Android ROM on this device. So what do you think? Could this keep HTC from sinking further?

[Source: Stuff.TV]

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