Featured: HTC to Cut Beats Integration from Their Phones? Will Anybody Notice?


This is just a rumor at the moment so, you should take this with a pinch of salt. A website by the name of MyDrivers has gotten word that HTC are planning to remove Beats Audio from upcoming handsets. Of course, this doesn't sound all that much a rumor as evolution of events as HTC had already sold the share they had in Beats Audio making this a lot less of a shock.

What's interesting here however, is to think of how little an impact this is going to have on the consumer. I own an HTC One X and I absolutely love it of course, I run stock Android and as such Beats Audio is not much of a factor. Realistically, all Beats Audio comes down to is some heavy equalising software that alters the sound of your music with some added bass. I like equalisation and as such I've tweaked the audio settings no end on my phone but, not a lot of people out there are prepared to do that but, forcing beefier bass on people is certainly not the answer.

The idea that HTC would happily pay for fancy equalisation is a little stupid and it's painfully obvious that the Taiwanese company was simply buying into a relatively successful brand. Without the bundled earbuds that made a Beats packing phone worthwhile it's unsurprising to see that HTC are looking to lighten their wallet by letting go of licensing costs. I was disappointed when I heard my One X wouldn't be coming with Beats Earbuds and without them it makes a phone with Beats Audio fairly useless. The real question here is whether or not the lack of Beats Audio is going to make a difference to HTC's brand, I'm going to bet that nobody cares and I'd also be happy if my beautiful One X didn't have that Beats Audio logo on the back.

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