Featured: HTC Shows it's Desperation in Price cuts Old and New

I've been seeing many Android sites dishing out much talk about the current financial situation with HTC. It only seems to continue with each passing day, there is some type of news regarding HTC and their future. The latest news? HTC is cutting its prices both old and new.What does this mean?

Lots of reviews felt that the HTC One X did not 'boom' as many thought it would and users were not impressed with the device. Since the said demise of the One X, HTC is now kind of in a financial 'slump' and they have been making some pretty drastic moves.

The first move? They are dropping Beats Audio from their device handsets, but that alone is for another story.

What we want to touch on here and now is the fact HTC is reducing prices 'across the board.' Not only does this mean a price decrease in new and upcoming model devices, but old models as well. HTC was at one point close to the top, but then something happened, and they are striving to get to that "top" position again.

Of course their goal is to be "leader," but all these manufacturers want to be the leaders, and some just have it, and some don't. Could HTC be a manufacturer that just doesn't have it? They had hoped  to use the One X as their 'flagship' device, but since that plan has thus failed it would seem HTC has no real backup plan. What, how is that possible? You can definitely see how HTC is falling, and putting their hopes in the One X solely was obviously a mistake. With the competition of the iPhone and  Galaxy S2, the One X just didn't have the "jazz" that users wanted, and HTC started to sink fast when they weren't able to get their sales back up like they had hoped.

So since failing with the HTC One X, and dropping Beats audio, what are they doing?  With the Galaxy S3 in full effect and pressure on, HTC did the only thing left to do which was to reduce their prices. An option no company or business would ever want to do, but does when they are desperate and giving it one last shot.

However, they are definitely not out of the water with these price reductions as they have quite the competition out there, not to mention the iPhone 5 that is said to release next month. Will this price reduction be enough to save HTC? Only time can tell this, but there are rumors floating of a possible HTC Nexus in the works. Could that be what saves HTC and its device line?

Critics are voicing that HTC needs to "step up their hardware and branding game" if they want to come out on top of this one. Let us see if HTC has what it takes to remain in the mobile phone industry. Do you think HTC will have what it takes? Can you foresee them in the future of mobile phones? My vision is they just might not have what it takes, unless they make one bold move I believe HTC may be done for.

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