Featured: HTC Not Giving Beats Audio The Boot. The Beats Will Continue Pumpin'

Just like any other music lover out there, I appreciated what HTC and beats audio were trying to do with the co-branding of their products. I still wish more phones had beats audio in them, but there are ways to get that off of xda developers. Im speaking of built in. Because it just seems to sound better. As one who doesn't own a pair of beats but have listened to their fantastic quality sound from time to time, it came as a tad bit of a shock to me to hear that HTC would be dropping beats completely.

I would not be surprised if the whole rumor started just last month, right after HTC announced that they were selling back half of their stake in Beats Audio to its founders, Jimmy lovine and Dr. Dre. On july 23 of last month, HTC had announced to the world that it was selling half of its 50.1 stake of beats shares back to beats, which would have them keeping 25.57 percent of its shares in the company stake. After asked about this move, HTC just commented that they would continue to "work closely" with beats in the future. Now more than likely, this kind of move from the company made some people edgy around the globe and someone somewhere thought they might have heard that HTC was dropping beats completely. You know how it goes, word gets around and then before you know it the web gets ahold of it, and boom. Things blow up, rumors take off, and things become history just like In this case, like the truth.

The fact of the matter is, HTC is most definitely not cutting beats from their future device line. HTC themselves had this to say about the matter.

"HTC remains strongly committed to Beats Audio and including their innovation in our devices. Any rumor of HTC no longer integrating Beats Audio into our devices is categorically false."

That's it. Straight from the mouth of the Device manufacturers themselves, Beats will continue to make appearances in HTC devices and we will continue to utilize the quality of that sound with block parties playing inside our heads while we rock out to whatever tunes are playing. Long live the beats that we love so much, and long live the Beats we use to listen to them.

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