Featured: HTC Could be Getting Financial Help of Taiwanese Government


It's no secret that HTC aren't exactly rolling in cash right now in fact, their Q2 results were disappointing when compared with the same period last year and they're also predicting poor results for Q3 of this year as well. HTC recently sold their stake in Beats Audio back to Beats Electronic and the competition from Apple and Samsung is more fierce than ever. Despite the fact that the One Series fared well at launch, the devices don't seem to have the steam to keep it up, which is a shame as I love my One X.

Now, it's been revealed that the Central Bank of Taiwan's Governor – Perng Fai-nan – has expressed that the firm's financial state is "of vital importance to the islands' gross domestic product". Which I'm sure it is because, let's face it, HTC is more than likely the country's most profitable export and something for them to truly be proud of. Speaking of exports, for Taiwan they were down 11.6 per cent for the month of July and have been down for these past five months. Exports in this day in age is perhaps the most important thing and so to see exports fall so low rings alarm bells.

Governor Perng has been speaking to the Taiwanese cabinet to express concerns that the Government should reach out a helping hand to HTC in the form of financial assistance. An unnamed Official has reason to believe that, Ministry of Economic Affairs is considering such action. Bail outs are something that a lot of us disagree with but, sometimes there's no other way. Sense might not be your cup of tea but, HTC have always produced quality hardware and I don't think any of us would like the Android market to be populated with just Samsung devices.

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