Featured: Google's Nexus D Concept, It's Got Some Curves!


Take your smartphone, and imagine it with a slight curve. What would you think? Would you like your phone with slight curve-age? I wonder how well it would fit in your hand. Google has decided to take the next step in the smartphone line up and add a bit of curve-age in their designs. Shocking I know, because the idea of a curved smartphone kind of makes me cringe, BUT also intrigues the very questions I have asked.

There have been "mock up" images released of what is claimed to be the Google Nexus D. What does it pack? Well for starters, it's has a concave touchscreen, which is ideal for fitting into your hand. My first thoughts of the images was rough at first, but it just might actually work. What else does the Nexus D contain? A kickstand of course! I'm not one for kickstands, so this is not an impressive feature to me, but to others, especially Nexus lovers, it could be one hell of a treat!



Granted this sounds great and fascinating, these are only "rumors" and could very well be just a made up creation that will go no further. It is said, the Nexus D would have a quad-core 1.8 GHz processor, 1.5GB of RAM with an option of 64GB or 32 GB of storage. Impressive storage options I have to admit. It is also claimed to be "shock resistant." This means that you don't have to cringe at the very thought of dropping your ever loved device. What other interesting specs does this phone claim to have?

Here are some other cool options that this device could have:

  • Have the ability to be a remote control to your TV and hi-fi.
  • Contain the ability to be a laser pointer for much-needed help in presentations.
  • Built-in NFC and able to use your phone as a wallet or credit card.
  • A fingerprint scanner or cornea scanner (not sure I believe that one).
  • The ability to unlock your phone with one specific motion or wave of the device.
  • Front and Back radar detection.
  • Reinforced corners for extra protection.
  • A moisture meter (said to be for farmers to check hay and grain and other farm related things).

This is one fancy, high-tech phone! Some of these features are pretty sweet, but the others are just downright foolish and unnecessary. A moisture meter, really? Come on, I'm sure farmers do not deem such a feature necessary or even worthy for that matter. The radar detection, well I'm still lost on that one, for what purpose would it serve? I mean really are you that concerned about your speeding habits?

Now again, this is just a fictional mock-up design that was given out by one Dorian Lust. Some parts seem legit, while others just seem to be rather funny and unlikely to be on a phone. I wonder if was given out to us to try to find some grounds for a device of this nature. What do you think? Do you think Google is using its feelers for the next Nexus device? The Nexus D perhaps? I guess we shall see what the future holds for us. As always, I'm sure it will be stunning and amazing.



Sources: CNet

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