Featured: Google TV Keeps On Going;Google to Partner with Hisense for TV Box Under $100


Google TV was, for many, the first step on the path to getting the Internet and the TV to live together in harmony. However, the first line of devices from Google, including the very first the Logitech Revue didn't quite live up to it. Ever since, the Google TV software has hardly changed and is very much the same and whilst we've seen a trickle of Google TV boxes hit the market this year we haven't had anything aside from Vizio's co-star to get excited about. It's now been said that Google are looking to partner with even more manufacturers in order to get Google TV out there in a bigger way than before.

One of the upcoming partners is to be a Chinese company called Hisense which is going to be launching a Google TV box later on in the year for under $100. Making yet another Google TV box hit that sweet spot for pricing as well as putting it in direct competition with Vizio's Co-star. What with Vizio being such a household name when it comes to Television in the States it's going to be interesting to see if this new box will make to the States. Even if it was to be sold in the US I doubt that it'd make much progress on the shelves next to an American brand. However, it is good to see Google make another push with Google TV.

Google will have to do something with the software side of things if they want to make these new boxes a viable option for new buyers and upgraders alike. Part of what makes the Co-star so popular is Vizio's own touch on top of the search giant's software. Whether or not we should expect changes to the Google TV software is unknown but, it's bean revealed that Google TV hardware should be expected at IFA in Berlin which kicks off on the 31st of August and closes September 5th. With more partners and more importantly, more choices for the consumer, Google TV could well become a better known name than it ever has been. I just hope that they do something with the software side of things, with Android becoming more and more advanced with every realise people are starting to expect more from the Google TV and it's about time that Google gave it us, don't you think?

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