Featured: Google Now Updated with Movie Showtimes, Sports and More



Google Search got an update today, that is a fact, it added things like showtimes, more teams and editing of those teams from the Google Search/Now app and a few more goodies, some say it is even faster than it used to be.

So what I feel like I need to go over, what needs to be talked about a bit, is that Google Now is indeed a blanket term, it was part of a firmware update we got when we went to Android 4.1. First came with our Galaxy Nexus devices as well as the Google Nexus 7 tablet, other devices have slowly received the update as well. The big point is that when I click Google Search, I am in Google Now. When I press the voice button, I am indeed in Google Now and when I pull down a whether notification or an update to the Chicago Cubs… I am indeed using Google Now. You can call it Search when it is search, call it Voice Search when that applies too, but why not call it all Google Now? I feel like that makes it a tad bit easier.

Now for a little background?

Google Now has been used by me to see whether, sports, and traffic, I tend to use it daily. It is only growing as well. That is obvious with the update today. I am hoping to see a syncing with Google Latitude. Is that Rick?

No, That Isn't Rick
Is that Rick?

This is actually a feature I kind of want! I have often wondered when they would update and how often they would update Google Now, whether it be search, or through maps, or latitude, today we find that it took about two months. Not a big issue, it takes time to create greatness.