Featured: Google Music gets an Update; Brings new features and expandable notifications


I love my Google Music. So much so that I listen to it on every ride to work and back. Actually, pretty much any time I'm on the bike, which is a lot. The one major thing I was happy to finally have in my hands as the inclusion and ability to access the pause/play buttons for my current song from my lock screen, which I have been using on my galaxy nexus since the end of june. Wonder where I got the device? hmmmm…. But enough about that, Google music just put out an update yesterday that included some tasty bits of Jelly bean goodness into this one, and it's like they only added all the best flavors. That means you're out black licorice!!!

It has only been a little over a month since the last new update to Google music, which included a whole host of new stuff for those of us out there who are loyal users of the app. Most of those major feature inclusions were great additions. The complete change log of last month's update is as follows:

  • Now playing queue that allows for queueing and reordering of currently playing music
  • New UI for navigation with transport controls on the action bar
  • New large album art view on recent tab
  • Playlist art is now constructed from album art of songs in the playlist
  • Now playing widget has the album art and support for thumbs up
  • Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

That's quite the set of changes. And while this new fresh update from yesterday is not as hefty as last month's, it still brings with it a couple of very much appreciated features. You can expect this new update to bring with it some bug fixes and support for Google TV devices, as well something for the Jelly Bean users out there. Yep, you guessed it. Expandable notifications in Jelly Bean toting devices.

The expandable notifications is the star here in this update, as not many people have Google TV devices, but for the proud few that do own one, they are pretty happy right now im guessing. As for the expandable notifications, you can now view larger album art in the notification bar. As earlier stated though, this feature is only for Jelly bean devices though. If you haven't yet updated the app since last month, or longer even, head on over to the play store to grab your update. You will definitely love the changes made to this music player that has been tugging on the strings of my hearts guitar for the last year or so.