Featured: Google+ Is Just Fine… Isn't It?


Some people are wondering about Google+ and it's future after today. A certain TECH site that has been CRUNCHing around with some rumors they received in regards to Google and it's requirements in regards to Google+. The rumor says that the rest of 2012 Google will be putting a freeze on acquiring companies that have to do with Google+. To me this sounds loco, sounds like they just wouldn't do this anyway… but one never knows. Someone mentioned that Google+ has a staff of 450+ people, and that does sound like a huge number, so maybe they just don't want that team to grow anymore until they can move some folks around.

The certain site said that if the rumor were to be true, it is because Google+ is NOT doing well and they are failing and just not putting resources towards the dying site. One of the writers has 60,000+ following them on Google+, the other has 16,000+ users following them, doesn't seem like a dying site… on Twitter they have both have FEWER FOLLOWERS!


I think Google+ is going to focus on what they have. Remember a site called Foursquare? Of course you do because it is still exists and is still one of the biggest location apps on all smart phones, did you know they were once called Dodgeball and were acquired by Google to make Google Latitude better, however, they got busy, Dodgeball got mad and then left Google to make Foursquare. Google recently acquired Meebo and WildFire and will probably be focusing on their Technologies. Not a big deal.

PS… GMAIL has not acquired a company recently… Guess they are failing. RIP GMAIL!

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