Featured: Google CEO Larry Page And Apple CEO Tim Cook Have Been Talking About Patents

The patent battles have been raging for years now and with the recent trial between Samsung and Apple, they're just now heating up. If you recall, Samsung was found guilty of infringing on multiple patents as well as Apple's designs. Because of that, they were ordered to pay $1.05 Billion.

Not only that but there's an injunctions case come September 20th which will decide whether or not eight Samsung phones will be banned for sale in the US. While Google has taken a very laid back stance with the whole patent situation and Apple, they've apparently been talking behind the scenes.

According to a few sources, Larry Page the CEO of Google, has been chatting with Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, about the various patent issues. They were said to have had a phone conversation last week and will be talking again in the coming weeks. This is definitely great news and good to see Google getting more involved with the patent discussion because it's something that affects everyone in the technology industry.

Google may make just the operating system, Android, but if their partners are constantly under fire, getting sued, having phones or tablets banned, and so on, that affects them as well. There's no specifics on what exactly they're talking about, but hopefully this is a step in the right direction and possibly reaching some sort of agreement that doesn't just benefit Apple.

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