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Here we have yet another game from the well-established developer, Nevosoft, who have bought us some good, solid games in the past. Now they're at it again with 'My Kingdom For The Princess 3' which is a little different than their other offerings that we, at Android Headlines have reviewed beforehand. In the past we've reviewed both Mysteryville and its sequel – Mysteryville 2, as well as Magic Academey. Whilst these excellent games were based around the tried and true object hunting genre, My Kingdom for The Princess 3 is part city builder, part strategy and part RPG. Read on to find out more about the game.

If you've played any of Nevosoft's offerings before than you should be relatively comfortable here but, things are a little different. As with other games in the series, My Kingdom for The Princess is a game where you have to vye the Princess' love through creating a Kingodm for her to be proud of. This time around there are three Princes vying for the Princess' love, the three sons of Arthur and Helen. In order to win the Princess' hand they will have to create a kingdom worthy for the Princess – including a castle fit for one. Check out the video below for a closer look.


How It Works: As before, simple install from the Play Store here and you're good to go. After this there's a small amount of game files to download but, that doesn't take too long. The aim of the game is, of course, to win the hand of the Princes. It was decided that the three sons would each have a portion of the Kingdom to impress the Princess and whilst the other two sons have rich and fertile lands, you're left with the marshlands. Which you must build up in order to build a castle fit for a Princess.

To do this, the game sets you the task of collecting an artifact that will go towards to building of the castle, of which there is one per level spread across the 50 of them. To get the artifact of each level however, your workers must clear a way to it by turning these marshlands into something to be proud of. These tasks consist of gathering resources, fixing bridges and building farms etc until you have collected enough pieces of the castle.

There's a time meter in the top left corner which will gain you bonuses depending on how quickly you complete each level, as well as this you're scored on how well you perform. Each time you collect a piece of the castle you'll be sent back to the map where you can see that the more you collect the bigger and more impressive the castle will become.

I've played, as well as reviewed, a number of games from Nevosoft and I've genuinely enjoyed each one of them. Whilst Mysteryville and Magic Academy were object-finding games, My Kingdom for The Princess has you take on fresh gameplay to build your Kingdom from the ground up. I'm a big fan of city building games so to see Nevosoft take the genre on with their own take is good for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the medieval setting, which is the perfect time for a story like this.


Speaking of stories, this game certainly isn't short of them. The first time you start to play the game you're greeted by a read-aloud story opening which is a really nice touch. As with all other Nevosoft titles, the whole game has unique and high-quality graphics throughout, which really help to make the game feel nice to play after all, who wants to play ugly looking games, we don't that's for sure.


  • Speed (4/5) – I found the app to take some time loading but, after that there was no lag to be found in game.
  • Features (4/5) – There's enough here to keep you occupied for some time, indeed. As well as scores and times to beat the next time around.
  • Theme (5/5) – This is a Nevosoft game, as such My Kingdom for The Princess 3 has some seriously good looking character designs throughout.
  • Overall (4/5) – Another excellent game, from an excellent developer.


  • The games opening is fantastic, with spoken-aloud narration and graphics that looked like a tapestry, it was pleasing to watch.
  • Nevosoft have struck a good balance between city builder and RPG without losing their own unique identity.
  • Graphics here are beautiful and like nothing else out there.
  • Keeping yourself busy with this game will not be a problem, there's a whole lot for you to do here.



  • The game took a long time to load from launching.
  • I'd have liked the workers to stay out on the field the whole time.

As city builders go, I had a good time with this one and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it. My Kingdom for The Princess 3 is a great game for anybody to pick up and play and is great to play along with others and is sure to be a hit with the children as well.A fantastic game that I thoroughly recommend you go and get as you'll not regret it. I enjoyed myself playing the game and I'm sure you will too. You can find My Kingdom for The Princess 3 here in the Play Store

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