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Once again, we're back with a review of another hit game from our friends over at Nevosoft. This time around it's another hidden-object game but, this time around there's a whole host of added features, that make this game a genre of its own. Nevosoft have a number of games available in the Play Store which are all brilliant. Recently, we bought you a review of My Kingdom for The Princess 3 which you can see here, as well as reviews for Magic Academy and Mysteryville and Mysteryville 2.

Description:Mushroom Age is yet another object finding game from the wizards over at Nevosoft however, this one comes with a number of twists which you'll find out once you start playing. The story is, as always with Nevosoft, a compelling and unique tale that puts you in the shoes of a distressed bride-to-be. Vera – your player's character – is the fiance of Tom, a young scientist who works far away in a secretive laboratory, is tasked with finding him after he becomes missing from the lab. With just two days before the wedding you'll be sent all throughout time in order to get him to the wedding on time. Mushroom Age will send throughout time to the near future, ancient history and the very distant future. Spanning through the ages, meeting famous figures until you reach the Mushroom Age and solve its mystery. Take a look at the video below to see more.


How It Works:  Just like My Kingdom for The Princess, all you need do is download the game from the Play Store, once the game has downloaded the necessary game files you're good to go. From here on the game puts you in the shoes of Vera, going to visit her fiance Tom, whom she hasn't heard from in days. This is where it all starts for you and Vera, you'll have an encounter with Professor Einbock and from there your journey through time starts with the year 3008 A.D.

The game plays much like Mysteryville 2 and Magic Academy however, there are now some added improvements like the ability to combine objects you've found with objects in the play area. For instance, once you've found a key you'll need to drag it to the lock. This added feature is put to great effect throughout the game and really changes the object-finding genre up. Helping you get back to the unique storyline.

Throughout the countless time jobs you endure as Vera, you'll have to face many differing challenges, not just object finding but also puzzle play a part here, as well. Another new addition is the advent of scrolling scenes, enabling you to go back and forth between scenes in order to complete the task at hand.

As I've said in the past, I grew up on these sorts of games and I'm happy to report that Mushroom Age didn't disappoint one bit in fact, it's one of the best object-finding games I've ever played. With its added tweaks and twists to the genre it makes for a refreshing gameplay experience.

As well as this, Mushroom Age has some improved visuals to boot, like its predecessors it features high quality graphics but, this time around there's animation to really bring things to life. Dialogue is also spoken aloud which, for someone like myself who thinks audio plays a bigger role, creates a whole added dimension. This is a fantastic game and another addition to Nevosoft's already shining catalogue.




  • Speed (4/4) – The game loads quickly and there's little waiting around between levels.
  • Features (5/5) – As object finders go, Mushroom Age really steps it up by offering an advanced range of features never before seen.
  • Theme (5/5) – This being a Nevosoft game, visuals were crisp, clear and very pleasing on the eye. Add spoken dialogue to the mix and this game is beautiful.
  • Overall (5/5) – Mushroom Age has a whole lot going for it and it delivers a great experience.




  • Characters and setting are fantastic to look at and interact with.
  • Tweaking the object finding genre for the better is a difficult task but, Mushroom Age delivers something fresh and unique.
  • Thanks to the added element of time travel, scenery is both fun and varied.



  • Sometimes the game can get a little difficult.
  • Objects are sometimes hard to identify.

We've always liked Nevosoft's work here but, this really is a standout. Whether or not you're a fan of object finding game or not, you have to give this game a go, if only because of its kooky storyline which is brilliant. It's not often that a mobile game developer will change parts of a genre – especially one they rely heavily upon – for the better but here, Nevosoft have created a truly unique object finding game. If you haven't already done so, I urge you to go and give this a try from the Play Store.

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