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It's time for another featured game of the week. This week I want to highlight one of the most anticipated mobile games of this year. I'm talking about Horn by Phosphor games. If you have been following the tale of this game at all from the time of its announcement up to now, then you already know what to expect when you hop into this magically immersive world and start playing. For those that are just discovering this wonderful addition to the state of mobile gaming today, let me paint the picture. Horn is a uniquely developed yet wonderfully designed and imagined game that will plunge you right into a world of adventure and mystery. With a compelling tale of a young blacksmith's apprentice named Horn narrating you through the visually impressive world of his homeland you will find yourself immediately hooked.

You begin the game as the young blacksmith's apprentice, Horn. He awakens from a deep sleep that seems like it was just a dream. Yet it felt like a dream that was all too familiar and very real. As the young apprentice, you travel through a vast and open world to find that your home had been deserted, and all the people in it transformed into large robotic monsters called Pygons. You alone have to power to free them of this terrible curse, but you find that a little help along the way couldn't hurt. Upon meeting one of these pygons early in the game you humorously knock his head away from his body and he becomes your helpful yet annoying and almost always unwilling loveable sidekick.

Traveling through the lands on your mission to save your people you will discover puzzles, traps, items and weapons to help you on your way all well having to engage in a fair amount of battles to stay alive and be allowed to continue on your quest. The whole game is played from a third person view and is completely controlled with intuitive and easy to learn touch gestures for every action of the game. I know, I know, I wasn't too excited about that last fact to start with either, but then I picked up the game and started playing and found that the game is actually very easy to get used to the way you move around your character and perform his many actions. You will have the ability to also forge weapons and armor in the game as well and have the ability to upgrade those pieces of equipment with better stats and attributes to assist you in your adventure.

The whole game has almost kind of a Zelda or Fable type feel to it. Those who had played either The Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask, or any of the games in the Fable series will know what I'm talking about here. All really great games. So if you loved those, you will surely find this game amusing at the least. On top of all the action and adventure you will be immediately engaged into the storytelling of this game. The game will switch from being narrated by horn to a kind of mystical old voice in the way of Decard cain. Although he won't be telling you to stay a while and listen. The game has more than ten fun filled hours of story gameplay with tons of hidden side missions and content for you unveil and discover. Three beautifully and uniquely designed but completely open worlds will be your playground. That's right I said open. You will notice that this game does not have a linear play style. You are free to explore any part of the world as you like. Who knows, you might even stumble upon something useful if you give in to your curiosity.

Whether you're someone who likes to sit down and get comfortable and log some serious hours of gametime, or just pick it up for short bursts throughout the day, you can feel comfortable in knowing that Horn will allow you to do either one, as the game will have you playing in shorter segments from point to point as opposed to long drawn out sections. And as is important with any good game, to further help immerse you into this wonderful fantasy world of adventure, the entire game is played on top of a score written by Journey's award winning Austin Wintory and performed with a full live orchestra. Believe me this will be the best game you have played on Android yet, and you will not regret picking this up. Resist the urge to scowl in disgust at the fact that Zynga has published this game, and focus on the more important fact at how amazing the game plays and feels and how much fun you will have while playing it. For all those I have hopefully roped in and intrigued, the link is below at the end of this post. Screenshots and a video to boot! Enjoy!

Sidenote: In case I forgot to mention this earlier, which I believe I have, this game is only available for Tegra based devices at the moment. So if you are a proud owner of one such device, it's your lucky day. :D If not, the game will support more devices later as phosphor games has said. Hopefully, it won't be much longer.


HORN: by phosphor games


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