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If you haven't heard of the Humble Bundle for android, You should definitely take a look at it, because it offers some of the greatest little gems put together by indie developers. Which is exactly where this weeks game comes from. Another puzzler platformer so you can expect it to tease your brain, spirits has a casual feel to it but you will really have to do some thinking once you progress through the game, if you want to pass the levels with a perfect score. Spirits is just one of the 5 games you get when you purchase the humble bundle but it just happened to be my favorite of the 5 when i picked this lovely little game pack up myself. To snatch up your own copy of the humble bundle you can head on over to humblebundle.com and pay whatever you want! That's right, I said whatever you want. You could pay two cents or twenty bucks. The catch, is that they always have one locked game that is only attainable by paying the minimum amount that seems to be the average price. It just so happens that Spirits is this bundles locked game but not to worry, the minimum price was only $6.05 last time i saw it. The price can go up at any moment though so you should make sure to run and pick it up as soon as possible. If loads of indie games just aren't your style, than you can still pick up this weeks featured game from the Play Store for $2.99.

This is certainly a very interesting and original game to say the least. The game is set in the Autumn season and the little spirits form from leaves that you must guide home. There will be a series of landscape oriented obstacles that each and every spirit must overcome with your assistance. You will have a series of little abilities to choose from based on the levels. By touching the little spirit, an option will pop up that will help you get the rest of the spirits to the destination, which is a swirly white circle at the other end of the level. You will be able to grow a leaf bridge, dig into the earth, create wind gusts and block wind currents all to help the spirits home. Each level will have a minimum number of spirits that you have to help out in order to progress to the next level, to complete level of perfection however is where it will get a little more challenging as you will have to make sure you help all the spirits and even save some plants. This game is surely easy to learn but will be tough to master, and will undoubtedly be a favorite of anyone who loves platformers. This will bring back memories of games like Limbo and even last weeks game which was also another puzzler/platformer called Oscura. Spirits has a very beautiful artistic look to it and just like every game in the humble bundle, comes with a pretty sweet soundtrack to add to the feel of the game. I found that the first few levels of Spirits was easy but I quickly found out that it was going to take some serious thought to perfectly complete every level. Once you complete a level you are able to go back to it and select it at a later point, so even if you don't perfect it the first try, you will be given another shot of course. In the select list you will even be able to see your rank on that level and the average world rank for each level.

Spirits was the winner of the indiecade "Best Aesthetics" award, as well as honorable mention in Gamasutras Best of 2010: Top 5 iOS games. This game is sure not to disappoint. If you feel like giving your mind a tad bit of a challenge while also enjoying the solid artsy visuals and ambient whimsical music while you play, than run and pick this up. Links to the play store as well as the humble bundle website are below. So go and check them out. I urge you to give the humble bundle some love though, as I believe in the indie developers and he games they are making.

Spirits: play store link

Spirits: Humble Bundle webiste


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