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Do you like super powers? What about the power to create flash floods and cast down flaming balls of rock and stone? Who doesn't? In Babel Rising 3-D you play the hand of God and smite down those who defied your almighty presence by trying to build the tower of babel to reach the heavens. Sometimes you just have to teach those lowly humans a lesson, and teach them a lesson you shall. Based off the original game from bulkypix, but reimagined by AMALtd and UBISOFT in a full 3-D reboot with awesome graphics and engaging gameplay, Babel Rising 3-D, will let you play god and try to stop those pesky humans from building their tower. You will have a vast arsenal of heavenly powers at your disposal to make sure that the tower is never completed. You will master the 4 elements of Fire, wind, earth, and water, and each set of elements will have various different powers to use. Think you can handle being god for a day? Or 5? Depends on how much time you spend playing this game. You will have 15 different missions to test your skills as the alpha and omega, but the fun doesn't stop after the solo campaign. If you dare, test your power in survival mode where you will charge through waves of Babylonians and punish them for their unholy deeds.

After spending just a few minutes with this game I was already hooked and found myself an hour in before I knew it. To stop the numerous waves of builders you start out by smashing them with giant rocks, and work your way up to a super charged power of one giant boulder that rolls around the towers smashing everything in its path. My personal favorite is to lay down the wall of stone and obliterate everything in range. I have yet to reach the powers of wind and water and see how much chaos they bring down but I hath no fear that they will let me down in my quest. To top it all off you can summon bolts of lightning ( who'd have thought?) flash floods and meteor showers and even cause massive earthquakes that will devastate wave after wave of blasphemers. This game is quick to turn anyone into an addict and keep you playing. If you're feeling a little godly today, then take it to the next level by picking up Babel Rising 3-D.  It is available for $4.99 in the Play Store and is also available in a free version.


Babel Rising 3-D: paid

Babel Rising 3-D: Free


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