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This week, I want to talk about defense. Not just any defense, tower defense. Tower defense games in fact. I'm sure many of you have played your share of tower defense games. My very first introduction with these types of strategy games was way back during the early days of Android. Crystal light defense was the name of the game and I had never played anything like it before. I was hooked. Enter Robo defense and fast forward to today with games like sanctum on Steam and my personal favorite for this genre, Sentinel 3: Homeworld. Now one of the more popular newcomers in the last 3 to 6 months to the android platform has been Anomaly: Warzone earth HD. This game flips the script on us and instead of having you deploy your defensive weapons and turrets, has you playing as the offensive side and you must go through the aliens defenses.

In Anomaly Warzone earth HD from 11bit studios, an invasion has caused the outbreak of total war between humans and aliens. Massive amounts of alien defenses have taken over large parts of the planet, and it is up to you to see that don't succeed in their goal of total human annihilation. Use offensive convoys to reach enemy targets while you keep your men alive with repair stations. You will have the ability to choose your attacking squad, what route to take to ensure success, and what weapons to have at your disposal to help you destroy the enemy. Throughout each wave push, you can gather resources to help you purchase new weapons and upgrades. What got me interested in this game in the first place was that it was a slightly different take on the tower defense genre. As many hours as I have spent playing Sentinel 3, I had to finally check this out. Of course, it was the fact that this game was added into the Humble Bundle 3 for Android that got me to download it. However this game has been available on Xbox live for some time now and before it ever hit android. If you had the chance to play it on XBL, I urge you to play it again on android because it is a different experience.

The graphics are impressively state of the art and the soundtrack is awesome which for me, always adds to the experience in playing a game. You can choose two different modes to play through, Story campaign and squad assault. Story mode obviously will follow a predetermined set path on certain things that happen with a full story to add to the immersion into the world of Anomaly warzone, while squad assault is most likely wave push after wave push into enemy territory and taking down alien turrets and defenses. If you are a tower defense fan, than you need to try out tower offense as it is a huge difference but still keeping what is loved about the genre. If you are one of the loyal customers of the Humble Bundle 3, than you already have this available for download on your account page over on their site. There are still a little over 6 days remaining to pick that up so if you haven't already, run and get it and all you have to pay to get 9! Count em' 9! great games is more than the average of $6.48. Check the links for your AWE HD and humble bundle downloads. Enjoy!


Anomaly warzone earth HD


Humble Bundle 3 for android


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