Featured: Firefox For Android Gets Updated Tablet UI And Faster Speeds

Firefox for Android 15

Firefox or as my Mom likes to call it, “FoxFire”, is still in the ranks of the top Internet browsers. Chrome has gone on to eclipse it on the desktop, but Mozilla has been plugging away and the latest version, 15, which I’m using as we speak to write this, is very close to Chrome in terms of performance.

Anyways, Firefox for Android has been available for quite a while and users who are on a tablet received a nice little upgrade today. The updated version gets a new design for tablets as well as noticeable speed improvements. And by speed improvements we’re not just talking the time it takes to load pages. Mozilla said that everything from panning and zooming to web apps to startup time, has been engineered to work faster.

Also some new features are the ability to swipe to close tabs, choose the desktop version of a site, and an awesome bar similar to what smartphone users of Firefox see. To install the app as well as see the changelog, check out Firefox in the Google Play Store. While they’re not nearly on the same level as Opera when it comes to Android in terms of downloads and reviews, Mozilla has been really pushing forward with a better browser for smartphones and tablets.

If you have a tablet, let us know in the comments what you think about the new design and speed.