Featured: Dead Trigger gets its newest overhaul; Boasts rewards for paying users

August 20, 2012 - Written By Justin Diaz

By now you’ve all heard about or played the newest smash hit from MADFINGER games called Dead Trigger. This thrilling installment of Zombie first person shooter action is all one needs to get off a few jollies or say, prepare themselves for the inventible onslaught of the Zombie apocalypse.  For those who don’t know, Dead Trigger is an FPS where you slay hordes of zombies with massive amounts of bullets or any sort of weapon you may have at your disposal. You will be able to amount loads of cash through plenty of in game playable levels, which will allow you to purchase all sorts of weaponry to help you in your slaughter.

Many of you that already have the game or thought about picking may know that when the game was first released it cost $0.99. Not long afterwards, MADFINGER decided to make the game free to combat all the piracy of the game. Why people felt the need to pirate a game that only cost a dollar is beyond me. From a developer that has constantly put out a top of the line game every time none the less. This change from a buck to free caused a huge disappointment in a lot of people who paid for the game and to ease the pain, MADFINGER promised an update down the road that would offer all users that had previously paid for the game before it went free on the Play Store, some in game content that would not be available to other users who did not pay for the game. (After having already played after the update, it turns out that everything in this update is actually available for anybody who has the game, but paid users will get some of it for free. Well today has almost come and gone and the update they had been talking about for over a month now has finally come. The update brings many new things as well some sweet treats for us that shelled out some cash for this awesome title. My favorite of which is the alien gun!!! I can now vaporize zombies in a flash and go about my day.

Here are all the additions to this new update that you can expect to see when you hit up the Play Store later:

  • Rewards for paid users: ( Alien Gun, 25 gold and 10 free casino chips)
  • Two new Arenas: Stadium of the dead and deadly corridors
  • New story missions that have been added on to the campaign
  • A new weapon the alien gun, and new items: Laser turret and the mini-mortar
  • The ability to repair doors during the protect missions
  • An added tutorial for beginning players
  • Improvements on the mini-gun and Colt M4
  • Casino chips can now be earned during Arena play
  • Improvements to auto aim and better ammo drop rates for users who use more than one weapon.

All of the improvements made this already stellar game an even better one and for me has greatly increased my excitement in playing it. If you are a new user or one who has been playing Dead Trigger since release, I urge you to head over to the Play Store now and either update or download the game. You will definitely love all the fun you will have.


Dead Trigger