Featured Breaking: Galaxy Note 2 Leaks Before Event; Jelly Bean on 5.5" Display


I'm not quite sure what it is but whenever there's word of a new Samsung device on its way the rumor mill goes crazy. We saw it earlier on in the year running up to the announcement of their flagship, the Galaxy SII. More recently we've seen the rumor mill all abuzz with the Note 2. After the success of last year's Note, a phone that the naysayers decried as being far too large, it was clear that Samsung was going to capitalise and bring a follow-up to the market like they do every year with the Galaxy S line. 2012 is no exception, and in a matter of hours the Note 2 will be unveiled on stage but, in true Samsung fashion – it's leaked out.

The secret's out on Samsung's latest mammoth-sized device thanks to a tipster who provided Pocketnow with the official Press Release for the device. Bringing with it all the secrets of the device. There's a lot on offer when it comes to the Note 2 so let's take a look at what the specs offer:-

  • 5.5" 1280×720 Super Amoled – Giving the Device a true 16:9 Aspect
  • 1.6Ghz Quad-Core CPU (whilst it's not specified what type, it's more than likely an Exynos 4)
  • 2GB of RAM – Seems like Samsung aren't going to be upstaged by LG
  • 1.9MP Camera round front and an 8MP snapper at the rear
  • The Note 2 will carry a 3100 mAh battery – vs the original's 25000 mAh
  • It's thinner too, at 9.4mm vs the 9.65mm on the original
  • There'll be 16, 32 and 64GB Options as well as room for a microSD
  • HSPA+ 21mbps and 4G LTE – depending on region is on board
  • Jelly Bean is onboard from launch

So, specs alone make the Note 2 look like a stellar device. Design wise the device is very much like the Galaxy SIII, which doesn't surprise us, I doubt Samsung want to put that much distance between the two devices. One is a different class of device, the Note line isn't going to become their flagship line any time soon. On the S Pen front there's some new features added that will provide the user the option to slide the pen over an e-mail or text to preview it before opening it. Aside from this, the pen itself is bigger and said to be more ergonomic to use. We'll have more when the event starts.

[Source: Pocketnow]

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