Featured: ASUS and Wikipad Join The PlayStation Certified Partners, Cross-Platform Gaming Coming To PlayStation Mobiles

playstation mobile

Sony has been mum about their plans for the PlayStation certified devices so far. They announced earlier this year to bring PlayStation certification to HTC devices. Although, today at Gamescom 2012 they have announced some new partnerships and cross-platform gaming to PlayStation certified devices as well.

In addition to HTC, Sony has also announced partnerships with Asus and Wikipad, both of these manufacturers will be getting their fair share of PlayStation certified devices in the future. We can see why Sony would choose Asus, they have a series of most powerful android tablets so far and all their tablets are designed purely for gaming with some extra horse-power. However, tagging along Wikipad, a newcomer in the android tablet/gaming market is a pretty bold move by Sony.

Another announcement included the ability to play multiplayer games on different platforms. All PlayStation certified devices will be able to play cross-platform. This will be achieved by using unique PSN IDs for each PS certified devices, that will also ease the pain of downloading content that has already been purchased on the PSN ID. Sony could also introduce cloud gaming as well, with their recent acquisition of Gaikai, cloud gaming won’t be much of a problem to introduce on all PS certified devices.

Sony also introduced some new titles for the PS mobile devices including Flick Hockey, Super Crate Box, Aqua Kitty, Passing Time. Looks like Sony is finally getting itself together and bringing the PlayStation fun to Android devices. Your device might be next (If it isn’t already!)