Featured: Archos ChildPad Receives Some Upgrades and Pushes Price to $140



When you think of cheap tablets? Does Archos come to the mindset? It is actually one that I'm not familiar with myself, so it grabbed my attention almost immediately, not to mention "ChildPad" really caught my eye. I not so long ago purchased a Super Pad III, and let me tell you, that is one cheap tablet. So what did I do with it? Gave it to my 8 year old, who loves to play Angry Birds on it when we are traveling, or I have an appointment and no babysitter. So, this tablet has definitely snagged my attention. Let us continue to find out more!

Archos is a manufacturer known for making cheap, affordable tablets, but they are also in the line of making 'high-end' tablets like the G10 series, which is set to release shortly (for more information on the G10 click here), but back to the ChildPad.


Towards the end of May was when Archos released the ChildPad. They designed it specifically for children! Again, I'm in amazement, as I didn't think such a tablet existed. It secure enough for parents to know their child is safe with such a piece of technology. Children are not able get ahold of 'un-acceptable' material, but they also have security when it comes to the app purchasing. High credit card bills are not something that parents will have to be concerned with. How you ask? It's not connected to the Google Play store, but rather a 'Kids' Play Store designed by AppsLib. That is awesome, I like the sounds of this tablet. The specifications on it were impressive. As of right now this is what the 7" ChildPad consists of:


  • Kid-Friendly 7" LCD Touch Screen Tablet
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS
  • Internal 1GB Memory & 4GB Flash Storage
  • Equipped with a 1GHz Processor – Cortex A8
  • Colored Icons & Home Screen Folders
  • Preloaded with 28 Kid-Specific Apps
  • Connected to Kids App Store by AppsLib
  • Choose from over 10,000 Applications
  • USB Port, MicroSD Slot & WiFi Enabled
  • Complies with CIPA & Coppa Regulations
  • 800 x 400 resolution
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Wow! That's a pretty impressive tablet already, especially for a kid! I just may be in the market for one. You get all of this for $130, that's quite a deal. However, it's still is not the greatest in tablet aspects. So what did Archos do about this? They decided to upgrade the ChildPad. I think it's sufficient enough as it is, but hey upgrades are always good. The updated ChildPad will consist of a much better 'capacitive' touchscreen. This is going to give it a much better interaction (smoother), but also it will 'enable' multitouch. Sounds pretty good to me, again especially for a child. Upgrading is always good, but it never comes without a price. In order to achieve these upgrades, it's going to cost $10 extra above the original price, which will put the Archos Child Pad up to $140. Still a very decent, affordable price considering the specifications on it.


Now, originally the ChildPad has a 'resistive' LCD touchscreen, but is now going to a 'capacitive' touchscreen. The difference? Capacitive screens are able to detect "touch' far better than most resistive screens.

You can actually purchase the "new" ChildPad at their website childpad.us. I strongly recommend anyone check it out. It's a great piece of technology designed for your children. I'm definitely going to be looking into it for my 8 year old son, since our Super Pad III isn't the greatest piece of equipment. So, looking for a tablet for your children, check out an Archos ChildPad.



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